Certified Banking ISO Training

Certified Banking ISO Training

The role of Information Security Officer (ISO) has quickly matured into a role of primary importance in the survival of financial institutions.

With intensifying regulatory requirements and the constant increase in the number of cyberattacks on customer information, a heavy burden has fallen on the shoulders of the ISO and they need to be prepared for the challenge.

To meet this need, 10-D Security has developed the Certified Banking ISO Training program.  The two-part certification program is the only offering of this type in the industry.  It teaches the breadth of skills required of the ISO, regardless of experience, and will equip you with the specific knowledge to secure your institution.

This program consists of two courses: Essential ISO Training and Advanced ISO Training.  Each includes two (2) days of classroom instruction, consisting of course material, lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on lab work.

The Essential ISO Training Course curriculum is specifically designed for both new ISOs and those with experience that are looking to establish a baseline of knowledge, to help them successfully navigate this critical role.

The objective of the Advanced ISO Training Course is to provide the knowledge and skills needed to build an Information Security culture and harden your Information Security program.

Attendees that successfully complete both courses will be awarded a Certified Banking ISO certificate.

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