ATM Physical Assessment

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The objective of the ATM Physical Assessment is to assess the general security of a bank's ATM operations at each installation as well as compliance with State and Federal Regulations.

State Regulations: Many states now have regulation requiring specific minimum lighting standards at and around ATM installations. In addition, some states have other physical requirements pertaining to ATM user safety and security.

Federal Regulations: Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires specific access requirements of disabled persons on and around ATM installations. These regulations are backed by fines and penalties that can cost a bank dearly.

ATM installations typically do not receive a lot of attention, and tend to fall victim to common maintenance issues which may cause them to become out of compliance.

In recent years ATM skimming has become a real issue facing all institutions, giving even more reason to assess ATM installations.

ATM Physical Security Assessments look at many aspects, including but not limited to the following areas:

The Difference

The Client

This assessment is appropriate for organizations when the following apply:

The Scope

The scope of our ATM Assessment is straight forward. All ATMs may be declared in scope. The following areas are included with the review:

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