IT Audits & Cybersecurity Assessments

Service Profile

Keeping banks out of the news is why 10-D Security’s Independent IT Audits are our most popular and primary service offering. We have helped many of our clients protect their customer data and meet regulatory compliance needs.

The framework for our IT Audit has been developed over a decade of auditing firms throughout the country, and is derived from regulatory requirements and industry best practices.

Helping our customers understand the results of an IT Audit is a source of pride for us. By listening to our customer's feedback over the years, and a lot of hard work, 10-D has developed a reporting process that delivers “Risk Based” facts in a universally readable language and format. Our IT Audit provides a clear and concise listing of risks, with logical mitigation recommendations.

Security Officers, Compliance Officers and IT Professionals are extremely busy in today's work environment. To help minimize the impact of our IT Audits, we have developed tools that allow us to minimize time onsite and disruption to our customers while still providing extremely thorough and in-depth audits. This low drag and high speed approach is a hit with our clients.

Generally, regulators are looking for an annual independent review of General Controls and the Information Security Program. This is often performed along with other assessments, such as External and Internal Vulnerability Assessments, Social Engineering Assessments, and Penetration Testing. When completed together, the engagement allows for a holistic snapshot of an organization’s threat landscape.

The Difference

The Client

This service is appropriate for companies when the following apply:

The Scope

The scope of our IT Audit is based on asset size and institution complexity. The focus of our audit is risk based and is driven by known risk areas and internal risk assessments. Areas of the audit include but are not limited to:

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