Internal Penetration Testing

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The goal of an Internal Penetration Test is to gauge the effectiveness of internal security controls against an attacker with access to internal network resources. This attacker could be a knowledgeable malicious insider, or an external attacker that has gained limited access or a "beachhead" on the internal network. The purpose of this test is to simulate a real world attack with specific goals, generally gaining root or administrative access to targeted systems, or access to data stores.

Our assessment process is performed by specially trained individuals using current attack methodologies and tactics. The Internal Penetration Testing deliverables include a detailed report with specific attack paths and scenarios, along with recommended remediation strategies.

The test is performed in two phases: One with network access only, and one with network access and limited user access to simulate an internal user compromise. Our test mirrors how actual attacks occur, but without stress or liability. 10-D Security's Red Team will employ cutting edge techniques and strategies used by today’s bad guys to detect and evaluate your security controls.

This test does not replace a traditional Internal Vulnerability Assessment, but complements it by enabling institutions to assess how their layered security controls hold up to a skilled attack.

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This assessment is appropriate for organizations when the following apply:

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