On-Point Forensics Platform

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Security breaches are becoming more common and more complex. On-Point Forensics Platform helps our clients rapidly determine when and where a breach occurred, what information may have been compromised, and determine if the attack is still underway. The platform resides passively on your network until needed. 10-D Security can guide you through any incident, providing peace of mind knowing that you've done everything possible to produce the best outcome.

On-Point Forensics Platform is provided via annual subscription, eliminating the days and weeks of paperwork, agreements, and travel in advance. On-Point allows a forensic expert to begin evaluation in minutes, and at a significant cost savings to you. Also, the subscription includes six built-in responses and includes two hours analysis per event.

The platform “2U” rack mount server resides passively on your network. When a suspected breach occurs, the platform works in concert with already installed client agents to act as a qualified first responder team at a fraction of the cost of a full-time forensic analyst. Data is collected, proper chain of custody is maintained, and analysis expedited to determine if the suspected attack is a non-event, or an actual issue. Clear and concise reports are generated post- analysis to ensure all levels of the organization are informed.

The Difference

The Client

This assessment is appropriate for organizations when the following apply:

The Scope

Our On-Point Forensics Platform can be used as many times as required and to the degree of depth authorized by the client. Some of the methodologies used would include:

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