Security Awareness Training

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Training… so much to know, so little time. Throw together some slides, schedule a couple hours with your employees, and then you see how many of them fall asleep in the first five minutes of the presentation. Is that how your security training sessions look? How much useful information do you think your employees absorb?

Some of our clients find that users are repeatedly failing Social Engineering Assessments by click on links in email and/or falling for simple pre-texting calls, even after a good amount of training has been attempted.

We find the following to be helpful:

10-D Security has solutions that can be scoped to fit your institution. We will help train end-users and management. We can also train the trainers. We even have an email campaign to help get the message out to your staff.

The Difference

The Client

The Scope

The scope of our Security Awareness Training is tailored to each institution’s needs, and includes:

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