Internal Threat Detection

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Advanced Malware is prevalent and could be hiding on anyone’s network. Most IDS and antivirus solutions are easily avoided by these advanced applications, and that is why our Internal Threat Detection Assessment is priceless in giving your institution the assurance that your network is free of these threats.

In the past our services have focused on prevention, but with networks becoming more and more porous and the threats more sophisticated, 10-D Security has shifted our service offerings to include detection services. These new detection strategies and skills are critical to combating today’s advanced Malware.

To accomplish this we utilize two main strategies, the first of which is Traffic Collection and Analysis: 10-D Security will capture and analyze up to a week’s worth of network traffic. This analysis is performed using several methods to discover anomalies and patterns that will help us identify suspect systems.

The second part of this process is Deep System Memory Analysis: Full memory dumps will be performed on all suspect systems, and a deep analysis will then be performed on the memory dump. This will help isolate and verify any threats that may be present.

Many institutions will utilize this service during or after a security incident to insure everything is cleaned up.

The Difference

The Client

This assessment is appropriate for organizations when the following apply:

The Scope

The scope of our Internal Threat Detection is based on specific customer needs which include:

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