Security Training

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Many appointed Information Security Officers (ISO) have not had the benefit of formal training to help them navigate their role. This title is not only becoming more complex and challenging, it is also becoming more critical to the institution’s function.

10-D Security has developed a specific program to help today’s ISO fully embrace their role and perform their tasks for the bank.

Our Security Training Courses cover common core knowledge of the ISO role and responsibilities. Participant will be more comfortable and capable of performing ISO duties after attending this course. Certificate of completion will be issued to those completing the course.

Essential ISO Training

Information Security Officer Training: A multi-day classroom course designed to cover major aspects of the duties and responsibilities of the ISO and how to properly apply them.

Advanced ISO Triaining

Another multi-day course that dives deeper into some of the key aspects of being an Information Security Officer. Some technical content, but largely administrative in content.

Baseline/Anomaly Detection

Covers the in-depth event log management, SIEM Management, anomaly detection and investigation

First Responder

Designed for the more technical individual and covers the forensic steps taken at the onset of an incident.

The Difference

The Client

Our training programs are appropriate for organizations when the following apply:

The Scope

While the scope of our training can be specially tailored for each client, the following formats are available:

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