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Wire Transfers are a high risk function of any institution and are often subject to fraudulent, erroneous and malicious activity. The result of such activity almost always involves financial losses, some of which may be substantial. In addition, an institution can experience a damaged reputation as a result of these activities.

The threats to Wire Transfers are both internal and external in nature. Unfortunately, for banks this risk exposure may also result from client account takeovers.

A Wire Transfer Audit will identify weaknesses or vulnerabilities in your Wire Transfer Operations and help identify gaps in controls that can prevent or reduce the bank’s risk exposure.

Understanding how fraudulent, erroneous and malicious transactions can happen gives us a unique perspective on how to prevent such activity.

Our Wire Transfer Audit Reports summarize the overall risk level and provide detailed findings that are also risk rated. This allows the institution to prioritize any remediation efforts.

These audits are often scheduled in conjunction with other audits, such as BSA/AML & ACH NACHA Audits.

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